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Have a great and safe weekend.

And remember to use BAGINA in your daily activities.

Last night my BF and my son and I went to a Saint Paul Saints game.  It was probably the most entertaining game of baseball I have seen in ages.  Much better than MLB.  Much.  It was their last regular season game.  There were home-runs, double plays and lots of great food!  There is this one guy called SUPER FAN.  He had his son with him and OMG that guy is entertaining just by himself.  He tries to get the crowd all pumped up.  His new saying this year was “don’t hate, participate.”  Gotta love it.  He does this one thing where he gets a section (or 2) to pretend they are on a roller-coaster.  Even does the tick, tick, tick, tick as you pretend you are climbing up the rails.  It is hilarious.  And the crowd just eats it up.  I have to admit, if you want a lot of bang for your buck, a minor league game is the way to go.  It was $10.00 per ticket, and that was assigned seating.  There is general admission, that is cheaper even.    Plus, their last regular season home game always has fireworks.  GREAT fireworks.    Just a side note, Bill Murray, (yes, the same one that got a DUI in Sweden for driving a golf cart home from a bar) is an owner or something. 

Our state fair opens today.  My work happens to be in the same area, and I live off of a main drag people use to get there… These next 12 days (or whatever the hell it really is) are going to be hell for me.  I do not go.  (I HATE PEOPLE IN MY PERSONAL SPACE)   My son goes with my mother and her husband.  They go EARLY and they usually are all fair’d out by 3 or 4.  Which is perfect, they bring me a treat and drop him off.  It is a system of me avoiding the fair that still gets my son to enjoy it.  Actually, to have him have this annual event with his grandparents is priceless….. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

I know I have spoke of difficulties with my Exasshole1 and custody and shit….  It is still going on, and it is gonna get ugly before it gets pretty.  Actually, truth be told, we are in parts of the ugly.  I am remaining strong, and my son knows what is going on.  He is 11 and I believe I should not hide it from him.   So, that is why I have been not having anything to say lately…. I am afraid of saying too much.  Ya know, since there is only so much you can post on the internet in 2007 and not have someone find it….. 

I am still doing my eBay thing-a-mah-jig… If anyone is interested in books, crafts, beads and all that is TMP, please email me and I will give you my stores link.  Really, I will!!

Also, I have done some reflecting.  I am going to try to do a WORD OF THE DAY by The Mutt Princess…. I am going to give you a word, and my meaning of it.  My BF is always amazed (ok not really the right word, more surprised) at my words.  He calls them TMPisms.  (ok he soooo uses my real name, but lets not get crazy here)

My word OF THE WEEK, because I am lazy and want to start off slow, is:


Not VAGINA.  Bah.  Like as in Bacon.  It is used the same as vagina, but it is eversoslightly more office appropriate.  I use is as a nick-name for my male-co-worker.  It gives me much pleasure.   I do not remember laughing so hard after signing someone up for the WD-40 fan club.  Really.  I signed him up using that name.  It was a freakin’ riot.  (and probably illegal, but who cares??!!)  I mean, he owns a home, and probably likes the information a membership to the WD-40 Fanclub affords him.  All for free.  I am a giver…. What can I say?  So peeps, use it at will.  Bagina.  Heh Heh HEH!


I have absolutely nothing to say.  But I am still going to take a few words to say it.  K?  Good.

First off, I am in the land of 10,000 lakes plus 5,000 now with all the rain we have recived as a gift from mother nature.  Fun, I know.  Contain yourself kids!

Next, I am working on (ok so technically not ME personally, but someone who is actually qualified) getting my website blog thing-a-mah-jig up.    I will let you all know once it is operational.  No worries there.  And then yas can comense the bitching about having to change your blogroll and links.  And while you are at it, if I am NOT on your blogroll you have my permanant permission to add me. 

It is still raining and I gets to play volleyball out in the cold rain again and get all nasty dirty……..  With girls….. I will give you a moment to drool.  Mosta the girls are hot.  Then again my MOTHER plays on my team, so now I will give you a moment to finish SHUDDERING.  Yeah, I know, I am a BITCH.

I made it thru Monday.  Now the rest of the week just needs to hurry up and get me to the weekend.  Cuz’ ya know, that is what I am working for.  The whole M-F 40 hour weeks is kicking my ass…… 

Other than those little pieces of nothing… That is all.

Happy Sunday!

Today I have accomplished nothing.  Heh.  I LOVE IT!

I have to go play volleyball in the rain.  Remind me not to wear a white t-shirt.  K?  Thanks.  I appreciate it.

Did I mention I am going to be outside, in the dirty messy sand, playing volleyball?  OH I did.  My, bad.

That is all I have for ya folks….   My boring ass life… Arencha jealous?  You SHOULD be.

TWO days off…. I seem to be working for the weekend…..  Ah well.  There are worse things to be working for…. Like the man.  I would have to be working for the man…. That sucks.

Anyhoo.  I have nothing to say.  Nothing.


IT is Friday.  I am working.  I have 2 days off… That is all folks.

I am back at work mopping up the chaos that ensued while I was gone.  My desk looked like earthquake rubble.  Disturbingly deep, messy and there is no clue what exactly you will find at the bottom…. Ahhhhh.  Gotta love the job security though.  Heh.

I believe today marks one month on the SOUTH BEACH diet.  Ya’ll I have lost 17 lbs so far.  I have MANY more to go, but I am already feeling better and barely mind that I do not eat bread with any meal…. I did cheat over the vacation and had a VERYTINYAMOUNT of ice cream.  Cold Stone Creamery to be exact.  Birthday cake.  YELLOW that was a treat!  OH and in Duluth I had tiramasu.  Hmmmmm.  Yum!  But otherwise so far so goot.  My BF (my freakin hero!!!!)  found these healthy choice fudge bars.  THEY.ARE.TO.DIE.FOR.  the end.

Sorry for the short update… But that is all I have time for.


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